What is EWB SDG Day?


Why not make your virtual meetings more interesting on Friday 4th March?

The challenges to sustainable development this century are unprecedented, we ALL need to get involved to try and create a world that future generations can still enjoy.

Join our conversation on #sustainabledevelopment on social media on #EWBSDG Day!

EWB SDG Day takes place on 4th March which is also World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. It sees individuals and companies collaborating to raise awareness of (and perhaps challenge!) the UN SDGs while supporting the work of Engineers Without Borders in communities around the world.


Download EWB SDG Flyer

Download Picture Template

How to participate

Simply register yourself, or register your workplace and get your whole team involved, and participate in one of the following ways, it’s that easy.


  • Select one (or more) of the UN SDGs which you would like to promote
  • Create a virtual background to represent that Goal and what it means to you
  • Use this during EWB SDG Day for your virtual meetings
  • Alternatively you can post a photo of yourself with a message “I‘m supporting  Goal X on EWB SDG Day because…”
  • Let us know if the situation of your SDG has improved or disimproved since last year!


  • Raise awareness of your SDG with your colleagues and network by sharing a screen grab of you and your background on social media with the hashtag #EWBSDG
  • Don’t forget to tag EWB Ireland so we can share it and increase the reach


  • Individuals can donate to support our work through the EWB website
  • Become a member of EWB
  • Companies can make a donation on behalf of their whole team on our website

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing the creative ways you promote your SDG on 4th March!