Governance Structure of EWB Ireland

The governance structure of EWB-Ireland comprises a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee and a local branch network within regional centres including Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Carlow and Sligo.

The Board of Directors are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation, monitoring compliance and use of resources and establishing policy. No remuneration is paid to Directors for their services on the Board. The Executive Committee is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of engineering professionals with significant experience in engineering, academia and international development. All members are highly committed volunteers. EWB Ireland has 1 member of staff – Program Manager for Build Solid Ground. EWB Ireland is a signatory to the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice for Sending Agencies.,

Board of Directors

Program Manager

Student Chapter Liaison Sub-Committee

NGOs / Projects Sub-Committee

Youth Outreach Sub-Committee