2015 Winner – Modified Airdrop System

The AirDrop System is a device which can extract & harness moisture directly from the air, by adapting and modifying a new technology which was developed in Australia for crop irrigation. This technology can be designed in a low-tech, low-cost way which can be produced and utilised by people of Kenya 

2016 Winner – Biochar Kiln​

The Biochar Kiln helps small-holder farmers to increase their food security through low-tech agricultural technology.The kiln can be manufactured locally with minimal training, skills and materials, and is designed to burn organic waste material to create a nutrient dense fertiliser. This fertiliser can be used in agriculture to improve soil quality, retain additional moisture, and improve overall yield.

2017 Winner – LifeLid

LifeLid is a pocket-sized, battery powered device which produces chlorine from salt and water. The device is designed to easily screw onto any standard bottle. A salt water solution is put into a standard bottle. The device is attached & switched on, and a current starts to turn the solution to chlorine through the process of electrolysis.

2018 Winner – TIDE Toolkit

The TIDE toolkit allows women to be in control of their own menstrual health -no matter where their home is.The kit includes underwear and reusable fabric pads, which can be washed in the container itself –giving an added element of privacy to those who are used shared taps or washing areas. The pads themselves are made from layered fabric:upper cotton jersey, middle bamboo fleece (absorbency), and lower polyurethane (leak resistant).

2019 Winner – Chaleur

Chaleur is a simple, low-cost heater and drying device that helps to keep people warm and comfortable, and can dry essential clothing items. It is designed to be used in refugee camps and informal settlements.The device consists of a small metal structure which holds small tea-light candles inside. It is shaped in such a way to safely & efficiently transfer heat from the hot air produced by the candles onto the contact area.