WTINE 2016 winners visit Nepal

The winning team from WTINE 2016 had a very successful visit to Nepal to implement and test their project the Bio Char Kiln.

Building on field testing carried out with Birr Community Growery in Ireland, the team from DIT Product Design comprising Eoin Cummins, Evan Dowling, Daniel Morgan and Eoin Bracken travelled to Kathmandu on the 8th April. They were facilitated on the ground by Concern-Worldwide.

Testing the Biochar Kiln at Bitijor Village

Testing the Biochar Kiln at Bitijor Village

Day 1 they arrived in the town of Khulkot in the New Buspask region and were able to source the main materials for the project. The barrels of the kiln had to be constructed from one sheet of metal as no pre-constructed barrels could be located. This involved having locals fabricators to construct the barrels which was time consuming and involved drilling and welding. This was a collaborated process from both the locals and the engineers and it all worked well together.

Day 2. An early start to continue work on the kiln. More materials were sourced and two working prototypes were finished by early lunchtime. First testing happened that afternoon and received some feedback from locals.

Day 3. Travelled to Bitijor. Drove up steep roads to reach the village and were greeted by around 70 people. Information about the kiln was explained to the locals and it was tested to show them how to use it. Walked around village in the afternoon and visited some of Concerns WASH stations.

Day 4. Visited Bal Lahari primary school to see the destruction of the earthquake and the reconstruction of the new school.

Day 5. Back to Kathmandu

Eoin Bracken and Evan Dowling were also interviewed by Pitambar Sigdel, the editor of Nature News Nepal.

Eoin Bracken and Evan Dowling were also interviewed by Pitambar Sigdel, the editor of Nature News Nepal.

The success of this initiative was achieved by several people.

  • The four team members who worked into the late hours of each night and were up early to make sure the project was achieved.
  • The team from Concern-Worldwide including Nepal Country Director Paula Connolly, Dean McMenamin who accompanied the team from Ireland, Pravin, the WASH coordinator for Concern-Worldwide whose knowledge of the local environment and people resulted in very productive interaction and feedback, and Denis, the driver who made sure they were able to get everywhere on time.