Open Call: Rapid Design Network

Open Call: Rapid Design Network

COVID-19 Response for low & middle income countries

We have been accustomed to the images on our nightly news feed of the effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic in high-income countries across the world. Health systems are stressed beyond their capacity and in several countries, this is leading to high mortality rates. The virus impact on people living in low-income settings or already affected by humanitarian crises could potentially be even more severe.

EWB Ireland are working with our International Partner, Field Ready to coordinate a rapid design network to develop low cost solutions which can be manufactured locally to respond to the pandemic. Field Ready are an International NGO who work with local communities using 3D printed technology to manufacture supplies in the field so that people have what they need, where and when they need it. Field Ready has completed stage 1 of a design process to select a list of 20 potential COVID19 response designs ready for further testing. These range from face shields to UV sterilization boxes to vacuum mask.
We are launching an open call to designers and manufacturers in Ireland. We need designers and manufacturers across Ireland to join our Rapid Design Network to manufacture and test the prototypes.

Field Ready will be mass-producing the selected designs, to save lives all over the world including some of the most vulnerable people.

We have 20 items that need your feedback. The outputs will feed into a final catalogue of selected designs. By getting this feedback as soon as possible will ensure we meet needs in countries that are really beginning to struggle.

Please register your interest by emailing