Webinar Series: RESILIENCE - Rethinking Communities in a Post-Covid19 World

This webinar series, in partnership with TU Dublin, features speakers from around the world. The overall theme of the webinar series is “Resilient Cities and Communities” and how we can rethink and create these post COVID19. The purpose of the series is to prompt discussion and debate, and ultimately to harness the creativity of the wider scientific and engineering community to solve local and global challenges in  a post COVID19 world. 

Webinar #1: Liam McCarton, Lecturer, TU Dublin, Director EWB Ireland, Chair, Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland. 

The first episode begins with a journey through communities in Africa, Asia, South America and Ireland to try to understand this illusive term “resilience”. Liam will also discuss how engineers and scientists need to radically change their approach to infrastructure provision if we are to thrive in a post Climate Change / post COVID19 world.